In the cutting process of ACRYMAS Cast Acrylic Sheets, circular saws are widely used. These saws provide sensitive and smooth cutting while leaving the cut surface clean. It is possible to reach satisfactory results depending on the diameter of the circular saw. Results are good at 2.400÷6.000 cycle/minute velocity. Optimum circle velocity is between 2.400-3.600 cycle/minute. While quality steel saws are utilized for cutting sheets one by one, for better results it is better to use diamond circular saw for either one or multiple cuts. In the process, the saw should be cooled by water or pressured air jet.

Velocity of cutting is optimum between 3÷7 meter/minute in ratio. Stripe saws and jigsaws are also used for acrylic sheet cutting despite not being as effective as circular saws. For mass cutting process, automatic CNC cutting machines or laser cutting machines are widely used.