General Properties of ACRYMAS Cast Acrylic Sheets

ACRYMAS Cast Acrylic Sheet products have many qualities that are considered as perfect. Some of the features of ACRYMAS Cast Acrylic Sheet are as follows:
• It has superior physical and mechanical qualities stemming from its high molecular structure.
• Being like as lucid as pure crystal, it is one of the most transparent materials in the market because of its 93% light transmission (transmission of glass is 90%, polycarbonate 85%).
• It has greater impact strength than glass
• It is 50% lighter than glass due to its low density (d=1,19).
• Its thermal conductivity is approximately 8 times less than glass.
• Due to the hardness and brightness it is resistant to scratch and it can be sanded and polished while it is hardly scratched or corroded.
• Due to its hard, nonporous and lucent surface, it is a hygienic material, not containing dirt and bacteria.
• It can be produced in innumerable colors in full transparent, semi transparent, opaque, fluorescent, shiny, metallic forms or with special effects.
• Its color stability is perfect, resistant to outside factors and ultraviolet rays.
• It is resistant to lots of chemicals.
• It is easy to reshape through heating.
• It can be processed with manual wooden devices or with many machines and equipment.
• It is easy to be adhered.
• By utilizing its advantageous production techniques, it has the flexibility to be produced in special size, thickness, colors and design as well as with lower costs.
• It can be combined with wood, light metals, plywood, mdf boards and composite materials in addition to many other possible materials.
• It has better thermal characteristics more than other plastic product (for example : Heat Distortion Temperature, HDT=85 C)

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