The easiest and cheapest shaping of plastic materials is to heat them. The prominent superiority of ACRYMAS Cast Acrylic Sheets is that heating can form them easily. With the adequate heating, they can be formed in any shape like soft rubber sheets. Temperature and heating duration can vary with the type of the sheet, thickness, type of the oven and vacuum machine as well as with the shape of the item that will be molded. The ovens with air streams the temperature can be between 130°C ÷190°C. Advised temperature can be approximately between 170°C ÷180°C while heating duration should be nearly 4 minute/mm sheet thickness.

Heating duration values for infra-red panel heaters: Heaters with one panel, approximately 45 seconds/mm sheet thickness Heaters with double panels, approximately 30 seconds/mm sheet thickness In order not to damage the sheet and surface protection PE film, heating temperature should not exceed 180°C. In exceptional cases, sheet might not be distorted at the 200°C, if heating durationis short i.e. maximum 30 seconds.

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